You may be asking why in the world a 38 year old woman would start a personal vlog. I mean, I must be the oldest video blogger on the face of YouTube, right?

Well here’s your answer: because I can!

“Face it, girls. I’m older and I have better equipment.” (video equipment, that is)
-favorite scene from Fried Green Tomatoes 😉

I hate being pigeonholed as an Internet Marketer. While my work online is a big part of who I am, it’s certainly not ALL that I am. Besides, “Internet Marketer” is becoming such a dirty word. I work online, and have now for almost 15 years.

That doesn’t make me slimy, and it doesn’t mean I scam people or send Viagra emails (which everyone who meets me offline seems to assume). I am not responsible for the junk in your inbox. I promise.

I love to travel, but I’m not a tourist. I’m addicted to Amazon, and am probably what you would call a book hoarder, but I rarely make time to read. Though I do tote these books on my trips. So while they haven’t been read, many of them have traveled halfway around the world and back. I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants all my life, and somehow managed to achieve great success – not only in business, but also in raising my two children.

I’m still unmarried. Perpetually it seems. I have been divorced almost 12 years now, so I’m twice as experienced at divorce as I am at marriage. While it only lasted 6 years, I have very fond memories and beautiful children. Fond memories because the brain works in mysterious ways.

Somehow I’ve managed to survive more than a decade on my own, even though I don’t change light bulbs or own a hammer. Actually I do own a hammer now, but that’s a story in itself. I have never picked out curtains, painted anything, or even hung pictures on walls. It’s high time though since I finally settled down and bought a home, leaving my freestyle pick-up-and-go life behind about three years ago… One of these days I *am* going to unpack and settle in.

The kids are almost raised now. They’re 15 and 20 years old, and my son is already out on his own and doing fabulous. They are very independent and well-balanced, despite my worst efforts. I always said I should have had my grandchildren first so I could get a little experience before diving into parenting headfirst without a clue…

They make me proud. I got lucky with my two, complete opposites that they are. You never know what you’re going to get when you roll the kid dice.

(If you’re still reading this far in, you might be a stalker.)

I live in the middle of nowhere, in a tiny little town that is socially backward with absolutely nothing to do. Which suits me just fine so long as there’s still take-out and nobody bothers me. I get my share of people and places when I travel, which I do a lot. I’m one of those weird people that LOVES a 14-hour flight. I have actually flown to Australia for the weekend – which, yes, meant I was in the air longer than I was on the ground. LOL. I was really pissed when they started offering on-board WIFI. I mean, c’mon, it’s the one place I cannot be reached! *sigh*

Speaking of being reached, I stink at email. You should know that upfront. I do my best, but the fact is I still have email from 1997 that I haven’t managed to answer yet. My plumber suggests it’s a lost cause and I should just junk it. I am quite sure there are people still sitting at their desk out there somewhere awaiting my reply. The thought haunts me.

If you really want to get in touch with me, or just have a friendly chat with me, I suggest you send me a Tweet or talk to me on Facebook. There’s always Google+ too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Of course if you want to strike a deal or send me a million dollars, or just send me something cool in the mail, here’s my contact info.